About Us

We believe that as long as we can figure it out, we can do it. Creativity, design and practice are all specialties that we can provide to all types of customers. Through communication with different types of customers and enterprises, he has constantly evolved his role into different types of professions; therapists, strategists, writers, designers and architects, at various stages, assist clients and enterprises to provide the most professional advice, To create persuasive and devised compelling promotional programs.

Founder of Union Production Limited – HongMak

Focusing on the design and promotion of the industry for many years, he once served as the first designer of “Quick Weekly” magazine in Hong Kong. In 2003, he participated in the poster design promotion of the films “Infernal Affairs Series” and “Initial D”.

He was transferred to Shanghai in 2008 and participated in various design and brand promotion of brands such as “Coca Cola”, “Remy Martin” and “Chivas” in the Mainland. In 2009, he returned to Hong Kong and continued to provide professional design and brand promotion solutions for Hong Kong’s “Coca-Cola” and various brands, including “Hong Kong Tourism Development Council”, “Cyberport” and major cosmetics brands.

In 2014, it began to refocus on the mainland market, and was supported by the Southeast Asian consortium and the Hong Kong Group. It successfully established Union Production Ltd., developed the Hong Kong, Mainland and Southeast Asian markets, cooperated with various types of customers, and provided the most professional design and brand promotion solutions.